• AVTECH only invests in the latest TECHNOLOGY so we are assured they are producing our parts in the most cost effective manner. This reduces our costs and allows us to be more competitive in our markets.

    Dave Manson, Technology Director - Peak Well Systems


We have extensive experience in machining High Strength Alloy Steels, Aluminium, Brass/Bronze, Cast Iron, Inconel, Nickel, various Plastics, Stainless Steels, Exotic Materials, Steel & Titanium for a variety of local & overseas industries, who rely on consistent, high quality precision components manufactured on time, every time.

  • The Oil & Gas Industry, various components for exploration, production and recovery tools, require that specific materials be used when manufacturing their components.
  • We manufacture components for local and international manufacturers of CNC Machinery.
  • Mechatronics / Electronics Industry ~ Cases, Standoffs, Brackets, Chassis and Electro- Mechanical components.
  • Mining Industry ~ Tools to support Exploration & Drilling areas from ‘Down the Hole’ equipment to surveying tools.
  • Hydraulics Industry ~ Cylinders, Rams, Manifolds and Valve Blocks.

Our Quality is backed up when required, using a CCM Measurement.

Our customers needs come first and we can manufacture their components in Batch quantities of 1 or 2, to Batches of larger quantities.